The Haunted House. Shocking appearance in my dinner: egg horror.

With the exception of Watermonster (aka Das Rheinmonster), I haven’t written any horror stories yet, the main reason being that my mother always said: “Ghosts do not exist.” And up to now, I have never made any observation to contradict her statement. But a year ago, I started contemplating writing a story of horror and suspense, the main reason being the strange occurrences in our own house.

Is my kitchen HAUNTED? I have begun to notice some disturbing appearances in my home, especially in my fried eggs. I now report on the latest aberration. Is this the Creature of the Blue Lagoon in my eggs and fries? The ghost of Vincent Price or Quasimodo? And if so: WHY?

Creature of the blue lagoon
Egg of horror

Originally posted 2018-09-02 05:08:00.

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