Adventure! Top five new SUPERHEROES launched TODAY.

These days everybody goes berserk about superheroes. It is superhero madness! Every second movie in the cinema is about some individual with Extraordinary Fantasy strengths, and Marvel Comics and major studios are shuffling money into their bank accounts like sand from the beach, and the fans are doing the same with popcorn and their esophaguses. Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and Ingmar Bergman are all planning to get on the gravy train and direct a superhero movie… even posthumously.
Yes, superhero madness: Spider-, Bat-, Super-, Iron-, Cumberbatch- and Choleric-Michael-Bay-Transformersman: no limits are set on the weirdness of concepts, the poor quality of the dialogues, the inanity of the movie scripts or the bombasticity of the CGI effects.
Inspired by this super flood of super humans, and by characters of my own novels I am now launching a set of all new SUPERHEROES. All in line with Cecil B. DeMille’s philosophy: good movies aren’t made – they are remade!
As this is a franchise, drop me a note if you want a be piece of the cake.

Introducing: Parisman, Flyman, Stoneman, Fatman and ScarletJohansenman.

Originally posted 2018-12-08 18:43:00.

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