A Small Yet Tasty Adventure Bite.

What does life look like in a post-apocalyptic world? What if a pandemic would succeed in killing all of humankind? Here’s a short sample from my 2022 novel REBOUND, which will be available Starting March 15th, 2022.

You can alos read the first two books of this trilogy today: they are available as paperback and as eBook, for instance for Kindle or iPhone.

What happened before: Alan, the lonesome traveler, has left the Bay Area and is on his way to Salt Lake City. He makes a stop-over at a hotel.


With my pistol pointing at this neck, I dropped out of the truck and stepped over to him. His hands and feet had been tied with white cable binders, which cut deep into his flesh. Out of habit, I still checked for a pulse. No bullet wounds, but somebody had been beating him; a blood-covered iron pipe lay beside him, thrown away like the butt of a cigarette. It would explain the scream. No use trying to guess what had happened, probably some trivial fight amongst down-and-outers over a gadget or which road to take. Probably alcohol or drugs were involved too.

I turned to leave, but a sound from the parked car alerted me. It was a small SUV, the doors open. With my gun raised, I stepped forward; it contained no other passengers, just a lot of waste: empty cans, pieces of paper, rags. Down-and-outers indeed.

There was the sound again, coming from the back of the car. It would be better to get out right away, but my curiosity got overhand. I stepped up to the trunk and tried to lift the lid, which was locked. I found the lever next to the driver’s seat and pulled it. The trunk opened with a creak.

It was full of waste: empty bottles, pieces of paper, a crank, and other tools. Among the refuse lay a young woman. She was dressed in a pair of denim shorts, a soiled black t-shirt, and a single high-heeled shoe. A black woman, her hair in a messy knot. Her skin was so black that initially, I didn’t notice that she was covered in blood. Her eyes were half-closed. She was alive; I could see her breathing. She had copious amounts of blood around her mouth.

Hurriedly, I looked around. I feared that the murderers might decide to come back to collect her. I prodded her with my gun. No reaction. She wandered the verge of consciousness. There was blood around the car and a bloody object lay at my feet. I bent down to look at it. I recoiled when I discovered that it was a human tongue. I stood up, revolted. One of the dogs stretched its nose towards the piece of flesh, sniffing. I kicked the animal away, but it snapped up the tongue and gulped it down.

I cursed and put my hands on the lid of the trunk, ready to close it. This looked like trouble. A sick woman, most likely dying, was not what I needed. I should close the lid and drive off as if nothing had happened. I knew I would save myself a lot of trouble.

Nevertheless, after a second, I lowered my arms again and bent forward. I got a hold of her arms and pulled her up. She was lighter than I had expected and, without too much effort, I managed to lift her out of the car. I carried her to my truck.

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