All About the work of Clemens P. Suter, Author, Artist and Blogger


Visionary author of the 2010 novel TWO JOURNEYS, about the devastating effects of a Corona pandemic. With a keen interest in science, adventure, and human behavior, these post-apocalyptic and dystopian stories continue to entertain both young and old. “Great Work of Imagination. I honestly couldn’t put it down.” “A message of hope and perseverance, in a world that has been changed irreversibly.” Find all the books by Clemens P. Suter by clicking here.


With a strong focus on nature, evolution, and animal and human behavior, these original oil paintings and sketches have found their way into many homes and exhibitions. Find out about the ART by clicking here.


Whether it is science, literature, writing, marketing, travel or finance… the blog tackles any topic with optimism and a dose of humor. Read the BLOG by clicking here.

Contact me for more information. I am always interested to get feedback or to initiate a cooperation with fellow authors and artists.

The author of Two Journeys, Fields of Fire and Celeterra
Clemens P. Suter