Getting Started as an Investor. Six Straightforward Steps.

I have been active on the stock market since 1985, and during all that time I have gone through all the ups and downs of the economy. I have probably made all the mistakes – but over time my investing … Continue reading

How to prepare during the Corona Covid19 virus epidemic, or any flu-like outbreak or pandemic.

Corona virus is a new flu-like virus. A number of challenges are associated with such new types of viruses: Like with any virus, antibiotics will not help. There are no vaccinations available for such new viruses as they appear. Especially … Continue reading

The Corona Pandemic. A View from the Edge.

As a biologist with virology experience (obtained at a large pharma company during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s) and as an author of the 2010 corona-pandemic novel TWO JOURNEYS, I can claim to know more about epidemics than most… … Continue reading