Will Humanity Survive Forever? Thoughts about the Evolution of our Species

During a walk with friends in our favorite, nearby forest, we talked about the corona pandemic. At one point, someone mentioned that whatever may happen, it is a certainty that humanity will survive forever. I didn’t contradict the point at … Continue reading

Is it Possible to Predict the Future of Humankind? Reasons Why I Don’t Think so.

Predictions are easy to make, but seldomly turn into reality. Thinking back 40to 50 years ago, at that time we all believed that space travel and flying cars and robots were within our grasp, but only a few people at … Continue reading

Reasons Why Humankind Will Never be Able to Conquer Space.

In a previous blog post, I outlined ideas about the possibility that we are just part of one big computer simulation. I am equally intrigued by theories of the human colonialization of the universe. I am a biologist by training, … Continue reading

The Exploration of Planet 17824540930. A Short SciFi Story.

Copyright 2017 by Clemens P. Suter Report#1783965825 – Exploration of Planet#17824540930 Author: B143-Unit#29588885959 Date#8493003947 Executive summary Economic Impact Estimate: low: <0.1 eie Risk Impact Estimate: low: <0.1 rie Recommended Action: Isolate Planet. No further exploration needed. Standard#1846637 precautions obeyed, B143-Unit#29588885959 remained … Continue reading

REBOUND teaser – sixty second read. A post-apocalyptic SciFi adventure.

REBOUND is the final installment in the TWO JOURNEYS trilogy. An adventure story set in a post-pandemic, dystopian world. *********************  Sample ********************** Then one morning, as I stood on the roof looking at the horizon through my spyglass, I noted … Continue reading