My aunt Denise and her conversations from the edge.

As my cousin John used to say: It is not that aunt Denise is mad. It’s just that her tongue is connected differently to her brain than with ordinary people. Alas, cousin John is no longer with us – whereas … Continue reading


Party time! Are YOU on the list of people invited to my birthday? Drop me a note!

Poem: “My Birthday Invitees” Harry, Dean and Maren / Susie, Susette and Bret / Georgina, Walter and Karen / James, Jimmy and Ted / Tilda Swinton, Ganesh, Paris and Klaus / George Kennedy, Filippe and his mouse / Jenny and … Continue reading

My Aunt Denise‘s close encounters

I have already reported about my aunt Denise and her slightly skewed view on life. Here’s another gem that she shared with us during one of our family get-togethers. “I was shopping in our local supermarket, when I encountered in … Continue reading