Is the 2010 novel TWO JOURNEYS really about… a CORONA PANDEMIC?

As a biologist and author, I published a novel on this topic back in 2010: TWO JOURNEYS (available e.g. on iTunes or, which describes the devastating impact of a Corona virus pandemic. Continue reading

Tokyo, Japan. Backdrop for TWO JOURNEYS, the Corona Pandemic novel.

Arguably, Tokyo is the most populated city in the world, with 36 million inhabitants during the day and 22 million at night. It is impressive how this city runs so smoothly with that many inhabitants. What would happen if it … Continue reading

First-class Corona Pandemic Apocalyptic Thriller (2010) “What a fantastic book!”

Here’s another five star review for TWO JOURNEYS, this one is by “St. Louis Cards”. You can find it here at LINK. Here’s the full text by this reader Book Review: Two Journeys Author: Clemens P. Suter Publisher: BookBuzz/CreateSpace … Continue reading

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Get great adventure stories as paperback or ebook, on any device! Visionary stories that predicted (in 2010!) the current corona pandemic. These books are great. Remember the books from your childhood? Used to read them over and over again? Hard … Continue reading

Two Journeys – get your copy of this exciting corona pandemic adventure by Clemens P. Suter

Two Journeys – the postapocalyptic adventure novel, is available as eBook and Paperback at all stores and outlets. “I loved this book. I rarely gush like this, but I feel strongly. […] I did not want the book to end, … Continue reading

Excellent reader comment about the pandemic novel TWO JOURNEYS on the “Clemens P. Suter” Facebook Page

Many thanks to these fans for their commitment and interest in my work. Have you read my books? Please leave a comment! Interested in SARS, COVID, corona epidemics? Check my adventure eBooks on iTunes: Originally posted 2019-06-15 21:47:00.

Excellent News for the Post-Apocalyptic Pandemic Adventure TWO JOURNEYS

Here’s a great review from for the novel TWO JOURNEYS. TWO JOURNEYS is a Corona Pandemic Adventure, which originally appeared in 2010! Its sequel, Fields of Fire (2016), is equally exciting. Get your copy today, f.i. at Apple Books. … Continue reading