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The song Rinascerò, Rinasceraiis originated from one of Italy’s most famous composers of the seventies, Roby Facchinetti. The royalties have now been reassigned to the Bergamo hospital, one of the hospitals in Italy that is at the center of the Corona … Continue reading


The Corona Pandemic. A View from the Edge.

As a biologist with virology experience (obtained at a large pharma company during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s) and as an author of the 2010 corona-pandemic novel TWO JOURNEYS, I can claim to know more about epidemics than most… … Continue reading

The Corona Pandemic and How it Affects All of Us.

Already in 2011, I published my first pandemic adventure novel TWO JOURNEYS (soon followed by its sequel FIELDS OF FIRE). Both books deal with the dramatic effects of a Corona virus epidemic. The inspiration for these books came from the … Continue reading

How to prepare during the Corona Covid19 virus epidemic, or any flu-like outbreak or pandemic.

Corona virus is a new flu-like virus. A number of challenges are associated with such new types of viruses: Like with any virus, antibiotics will not help. There are no vaccinations available for such new viruses as they appear. Especially … Continue reading

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Tea vs. Coffee. Surviving a pandemic and beyond. And some myth busting.

Coffee has been shown to be potent against nervous disorders such as Parkinson’s, dementia and Alzheimers, so while it may be a good idea to drink hot tea to combat flu and corona symptoms, remember: A nice hot cup of joe … Continue reading