Top five 2021 blog posts. The exciting analytics of this website and blog.

I thank all of you for regularly visiting my website! As the statistics below show, 2021 has been a record year for my online presence, with more than 24,000 views of my content and 14,000 visitors! These numbers are humbling, and motivate me to continue to provide reading material for all of you.
Here are some of the details. First, the top five blog posts were:

  • “My list of the best movies & series ever made in the History of Humankind!” As many of my blogposts show, I’m a huge movie fan. Many of my books and paintings are inspired by scenes or shots from movies.
  • “The Naked Truth and the Lie Dressed up as the Truth.” A surprise hit this year, it seems many people have been using search engines to find “the naked truth” story, and then read my version of this old tale. This story is part of my eBook “Amazing Stories.”
  • The “Start page” of my website, the page where people will end up if they search for my work, or if they have received a business car or scanned the QR code. This is also the link that is posted on social channels such as Instagram.
  • “Is Doha the Amazingly Deadliest Boring Capital in the World?” I presume that people are getting ready for the soccer world championship, and therefore are interested to learn more about Qatar.
  • “The Best Books Ever! The Ultimate List of Adventure Stories.” People searching the internet for “adventure books” are directed to this blog post. Great that people are looking for more good reads!

The top referrers were: Facebook (12000 views), search engines (3000), the WordPress android app (400), and Twitter (150 views). The attention generated through search engines is increasing, as this shows that the site is getting indexed. Slightly disappointing that Twitter used to be a good referral site but has gone down in effectiveness.

The website had visitors from all over the globe, the top five countries were:

  • USA (5800 views)
  • Germany (1800)
  • India (1600)
  • UK (1500), and
  • Philippines (1400 views)

The country statistics are also reflected in the sales of my books.

Originally posted 2021-12-20 20:27:00.

2 thoughts on “Top five 2021 blog posts. The exciting analytics of this website and blog.

    • Hi Stuart, thanks for the comment. If you would like to get more insights, I can provide those too… more than will to help fellow bloggers. One thing is curious though, which I didn’t mention in my analysis, and that is that I actually get very few comments on my blog posts. Some bloggers have huge numbers of contributions below their posts… enigmatic how they get so many engagement.

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