A quick walk through Cairo, Egypt

I had about two hours off, so I used them for a walk through the city center. Very few tourists about, but many Egyptians who used the day for shopping.

Below: a beautiful old mosque hidden deep in the narrow streets drew many local visitors. I tried to enter as well, but the doorman shouted “tomorrow!” I presume they were just calling it a day.

Below: in the absence of a guide or guidebook, neither purpose, name or history of the sites could be determined – yet their beauty was unchallenged.

Below: a boy selling bread in the street. He had a devastatingly loud whistle to het attention :-)

People out for a stroll and some shopping. Merchants of the same trade share the streets: one street is full with dealers of carpets, another street for electric appliance, and yet another alley for shops that focus on metal pots and pans.


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