#Fundraiser – raising money for the children in Syria #UNICEF #charity #assistance #aid, #welfare #relief #funding

Dear readers of my novels, you recall the past fundraiser (click here for details). I am now announcing a new fundraising activity: focus on helping the children that are the victims of the conflict in Syria.

For the month of May only, I will donate 20€ to UNICEF (learn more here) for each new book review of my work. By writing a simple review, you will help children in need!

UNICEF and Syria

For 70 years, across 190 countries and territories, UNICEF https://www.unicef.org  defends the rights of every child. Explore UNICEF to see the programmes they create on behalf of children. “After six years of conflict, Syrians are facing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with grave protection and human rights violations occurring daily. Children have paid the heaviest price in the conflict, and in 2016 their suffering hit rock bottom in a drastic escalation of violence. Nearly 6 million children now depend on humanitarian assistance, with almost half forced to flee their homes. Many families have lost everything – including, for those who have fled the country, the protections that come with citizenship.”

How does this work?

  • Simply write a review about any of my books on any the stores that offer my work (find many of the stores that offer my novels here) during the month of May. Naturally, all honest reviews will be rewarded; but spam, spiteful or purposely malicious reviews will be ignored.
  • Feel free to use the comments section below this post or the contact button at the top right to contact me, once your review is ready.
  • End of May 2017, I will count the number of reviews that were added in May, and multiply that number by 20, and I will give the resulting total to UNICEF. It’s as simple as that!

Spread the word with help of the buttons below.

March2008 156

  • A maximum of 300€ will be donated.
  • Did you know? Over the last five years, all royalties originating from my work have been donated to charity.

Author: Clemens P. Suter

Clemens P. Suter is the author of post-apocalyptic and dystopian adventure novels. Visit this site to learn about his novels, paintings and travel.

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