“Successful people who wake up really early” – business insider

Interesting article, although I do not agree with the suggested implications. Although it is definitely beneficial to get up early, these examples seem to be extreme. The average human needs its eight hours of sleep per night, I know I certainly do. It is possible to deviate from this for several days, or weeks or even years, but in many cases the organism will then get the bill in the form of some unpleasant disease – mental or systemic.
Also, the article doesn’t mention when these people go to bed: it is easy (and eye-opening) to turn in at 10pm and to get up at 5:30am, in such a case early rising does make s lot of sense for people that actually have “early riser genes”. From these examples, I get the impression that these managers hardly sleep at all! What do their weekends look like: binge sleeping 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday?
In truth, I would welcome an article that lists managers that go to bed at 11:00pm and get up at 7:00am. Mediocre people can be successful too ;-)



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