Editor’s comment (part 5) conc my Novel TWO JOURNEYS

“Your other characters are also compelling, and none of them rang false or unbelievable. I loved the trio back in Krasnoyarsk. Even though I wanted Alan to go home and knew he had to, I was sad when he left Leonid and the others behind. I even liked the characters on the space station. Urs was creepy from the very start, believably so. Victor was interesting, and I like how his real story or secret is never revealed. I also liked how you never revealed what went awry between Mikhail and Artyom. Some loose ends in a big book are good.”
TWO JOURNEYS: find it here, as paperback or eBook.


About Clemens P. Suter

I read, write, paint, and travel through space. I support charity and good causes with my royalties.
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