“I loved this book […] downright realistic […] all the elements of a good read.” Words from the Editor of TWO JOURNEYS

“I loved this book. True to your description, I could not ‘put it down.’ And yet the suspense is not created at the expense of sensational or over-the-top moments or scenes. In fact, besides the fact that extraterrestrials come to earth and kill most of the human population, this book is downright realistic. In a good way. I hope that I never have to face the same event, but if I do I feel much better prepared having read your book. In all seriousness, though, you really capture the emotions and actions of a person who seems absolutely real who has simply been thrust into an extraordinary situation. Your book has all the elements of a good read that I think any reader would enjoy: an engaging character, action, human emotions, progression toward a goal, surprises, and resolution.”
Buy TWO JOURNEYS here at amazon, as paperback or eBook. Or anywhere on the planet: https://clemenssuter.com/2017/01/22/how-to-order-the-books-by-clemens-suter/ 

img 4329
img 4329

Author: Clemens P. Suter

Clemens P. Suter is the author of post-apocalyptic and dystopian adventure novels. Visit this site to learn about his novels, paintings and travel.

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