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Second entry in the “How to become an author” series. How to make money with writing.

How to make money with your writing? Don’t try to make money with your writing!

Agreed, there are some authors that sit down and write, deliberately, their “next hit”. Realize that what differentiates you from all those other writers out there is… your stories, your own thoughts, your own style – put them to paper! You will need to allow the flow of words to come out, your own ideas.

Be your own most critical editor. Read your texts as if you are a stranger: would you yourself buy this book? Would you actually read it, if someone gave it as a present?

When I started writing as a small kid, I used to re-read my own texts a few weeks later, and most I tore up in frustration. I hated my own words for several reasons. My style sucked. I was too young and impatient to write long sentences, writing a single page took me hours. As a result, I tried to cram too much action onto a single page, and that made for very bad writing. Other sentences were overfilled with beautiful words, that I had read in other books. Those words weren’t my own. And that feeds directly into the second reason: I lacked experience. As a young boy or teenager, your life may be overflowing with experiences, but in reality, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”. As an adult, you have seen it all, and your mind is filled to the brim with memories. The only thing that you need to do is to knit these memories into your overall story. Good authors copy too: but not from other authors, but from the life that they have lived and the people that they have met. That doesn’t mean that young people shouldn’t write or that they can’t be good authors – but experience helps create a great story.

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Experience, like travel, lead to great novels.


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