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I like this page – although I am not sure yet what to use it for:


About Clemens P. Suter

I read, write, paint, and travel through space. I support charity and good causes with my royalties.
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  1. Jeff Reid says:

    I am the creator of We made the site mostly for readers and authors who like to “fantasy cast” their favorite fiction. Besides being just for fun, authors can get valuable feedback on how their characters are perceived. Some writers seem unable to write about their characters without a clear visual image, and those authors tend to use existing stars – which they plug into the roles when posting their “author cast”. Instructors use the site to enliven classroom discussions of literature. Producers can get a valid statistical picture of the KIND of actors readers expect to see in the roles. Publishers and authors give the fanbase a fun new way to interact with the author and the characters, and it’s a fun thing to blog about and point to from your site. Online since May 2008, with 4000+ signed-up members and nearly 25K pageviews per month.


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