My Resolutions for the new year. Keep fit, physically and mentally.

  1. Finally get even with mother (axe/stone/cattleprod?) for my horrible childhood
  2. Sell the dog for animal experiments
  3. Exercise more: train the heart muscle by being more nervous. Train other mussels during scuba diving.
  4. Drive less – stop traveling from “A to B” constantly. What’s so special about B anyway?
  5. Education! Make sure that no one gets smarter than me, so block any requests for training
  6. Buy a fur coat for showing off in the city center
  7. Take up nailbiting
  8. Make more money, e.g. by selling pets for animal experiments
  9. Drink less – definitely!!! Need to reduce water intake, focus on beer and schnapps
  10. Gain weight.

About Clemens P. Suter

I read, write, paint, and travel through space. I support charity and good causes with my royalties.
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