Frankfurt investment chief woos London bankers in Brexit business pitch

Every cloud has a silver lining :-) “Ultimately, the upside for Frankfurt will depend on which version of Brexit the UK eventually opts for, with freedom of movement for EU workers and the single market the key issues. ‘One would assume that the harder the exit, the bigger the opportunity [for Frankfurt]'”

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Only for a limited time TWO JOURNEYS for FREE!

And only in Germany!

In these bookstores

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Anybody know how to spell New York?

A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork, that’s the way to spell New York.

Maybe I’m just that old.

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eBook readers in Germany can now pre-order “Fields of Fire” at

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Charmian Carr – Liesl von Trapp in The Sound of Music – dies, aged 73

It’s a cruel world. Still, I have the Blueray to enjoy.

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World Famous Exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth Dies at 91

Bad news. We have a poltergeist, an elf and a unicorn living in the back of our garden, and our chimney smells of sulphur. A spot of exorcism would help me with my lawn problems, these creatures continuously pee on the grass. Together with the neighbor’s cat.

Seriously, the math is hard to grasp. If Father Gabriele Amorth truly performed 70000 exorcisms over (let’s assume) 70 years, we’re talking about 1000 (!) per year, and thus two to three per day… assuming he kept up the good work over the weekend. This implies that the average exorcism, including diagnosis, treatment, billing and after-care, took him at the most a few hours per case, in actuality most likely much less – a few minutes.

Based on this napkin calculation, the occurence of misdiagnosis  must have been considerable! I suspect many patients weren’t infected with the devil at all – but with something more worldly… a common cold ? A psychological disorder…?

But then again, religion and math do not mix.

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Our new dishwasher has arrived!

In this picture, the drip & dry component and the “brush” module (used for MRR – mechanical residue removal). The CS2611-x19 power module is not in this photo (but behind the camera). The electronic predecessor was retired.

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