Impressions from our trip to the UK #1, hikes and a lot of sun and fun. Traveling with Buddy.

We crossed the Channel at 4 in the morning, a full English breakfast and multiple cups of coffee were needed to keep us awake.

The white cliffs of Dover in the early morning hours. Always an impressive sight.

British transportation. Custom built, as the sign on the back revealed.

Small supermarket in Yorkshire. All essentials in stock, also serves as the local post office and pharmacy.

English humor – and cuisine :) as we were traveling with our dog Buddy we particularly noticed the hundreds of signs explaining that dogs must be on leads at all times and should be cleaned up after. Buddy is bad at reading, but we did our best :-)

And there is Master Buddy himself, relaxing after one of our sturdy walks.

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The EU reduced (incorrectly) to an institution that decides on old-fashioned vs. modern metrics :-)

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Winnie the Pooh Beats Harry Potter

Not really a surprise I should say!

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My working space. What does yours look like?

Every artist needs an atelier! I keep mine as orderly and organized as possible.

Well, in reality it is “enter at your own risk”. But all the tools, paint and brushes are near at hand.image


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A visit to Frankfurt – Saturday shopping


From our visit to Frankfurt where we wanted to buy a couch – successfully! I like the caricature of Adolf Hitler sucking his thumb. Very well done. And stuck on an original Litfaßsäule , an invention by a man named Liftfass – you should look this up in Wikipedia, as this is a very old invention, yet still in use all over Germany.

The entrance to the Chinese restaurant is also intriguing, the passage is 20 feet long- not suited if you are very hungry.

A safer bet is the chocolate store. I didn’t buy any, as I have to watch my girth ;) instead we had a very heavy four course Italian lunch.

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I hate it too, when somebody ties me to a chair…

… And than walks back to the car to get his hat. As a dog this is doubly worrisome, as they have no clue whether their master will return right away, or drive off into the sunset…

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Soy and deforestation | WWF | Are vegetarians to blame for the replacement of rainforest by soy fields?

Somebody again pointed out that vast stretches of tropical forest are being replaced by fields used to produce soy, and that vegetarians / vegans are thus to blame for the disappearance of the rainforest.
Bad news for all meat eaters: the bulk of that soy is used to produce food for cattle. So eating meat directly translates into rainforest deforestation. And worse: a cow needs to eat quantities of soy multiple times of its own body weight before it is slaughtered.
Most soy for human consumption is actually grown and produced locally. At the link below you can find an infographic from the World Wildlife Fund that explains the connections.
Fun fact: soy grown in Latin America is genetically modified – GMO products are not yet allowed for sale in the European Union. Thus European vegetarians do not contribute – by eating soy – to this deforestation in Latin America.

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