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Visionary author of the 2010 novel TWO JOURNEYS, about the devastating effects of a Corona pandemic. With a keen interest in science, adventure, and humanity, these post-apocalyptic and dystopian stories entertain both young and old. “A Great Work of Imagination. I honestly couldn’t put it down.” “A message of hope and perseverance, in a world that has changed irreversibly.

“Move over, Cormac McCarthy, another survivor is traveling the Armageddon road. Clemens P. Suter’s apocalyptic thriller grabs you in the first couple of pages and never lets go. The reader feels real empathy for the main character’s plight as he begins a seemingly impossible 9,000-mile trip to learn his family’s fate. The cause of the calamity is mysterious but clues are uncovered along the way causing tension to build until we reach the shattering climax. Two Journeys is not to be missed.”– G Dedrick Robinson, author of Blood Scourge


Unique paintings with a strong focus on nature, evolution, and animal and human behavior. These originals have found their way into many homes and exhibitions. Find out more.


Whether it is science, literature, background info about the books, marketing, travel, or finance… Clemens’ blog tackles any topic head-on… with optimism and a dose of humor. Blog.

The author of Two Journeys, Fields of Fire and Celeterra
Clemens P. Suter has an amazing resume which includes stations as diverse as lecturer, resident scientist, anatomist, IT professional, sales rep, radiation officer, product manager, and marketeer. Clemens has a PhD in the natural sciences and resides in Germany.