A nightly walk through Doha, Qatar #Travel #Reporting #ArabianNights

View of the amazing skyline of Doha, Qatar. On the left the Corniche, on the right the Persian Gulf.


Below: a section of the souk where traders specialize in selling pets, birds, dogs, cats, tropical fish…  you name it. Exotic ones too, like this parrot. Nice fluffy kittens and puppies, most of which very passive or sleeping. Personally I couldn’t buy anything here, I felt pity for most of the poor animals. The quality is doubtful too, naturally. Interestingly few pets are actually visible in the streets: no dogs definitely, and the cats that roam about are all obviously wild outcasts.


One of the souks of Doha. Like most parts of Doha, this is a modern, new area, so not overtly exotic. Especially interesting for tourists that like to purchase gold jewelry, I’ve heard that it is possible to make a good deal. Many pleasant restaurants line the pavement… as a special service to the clientele, air conditioners (those big grey boxes visible in the picture) are put on the pavement outside to blow cold air at the diners. Now,that’s exotic, I guess.



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Doha, Qatar. A #briskwalk after work.

I had forgotten why I took this picture. It wasn’t because of the building in the background, but because of the cars: all 4WD vehicles. It is rumored that the average Qatari has a 4WD for daytime, a sports car for the evening and a special desert car for the weekend.

This picture, taken at the corniche, shows a spa with the picture of the Qatar emir – which is shown all over. I took this photo mostly because of the full moon over the Persian Gulf.

Before Qatar struck gold with natural gas, pearl fishing was one of the main industries (referred to in Jules Verne’s “20000 leagues,” if my memory doesn’t fail me). This sculpture, with a man-high pearl, can be found in the port.

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More photos of Qatar – the Emirate on the Persian Gulf #exotic #iamtraveling

Again I had a chance to visit this intriguing country (see elsewhere in my blog http://www.clemenssuter.com) – but as I was quite busy, I couldn’t take a lot of photos. Some impressions below.

There aren’t many old buildings in Qatar; due to the profit created from natural gas, many new skyscrapers are being built.

Sound advice, and not only for people that live in a desert.

We visited an extraordinary Persian restaurant, beautifully decorated. There were a dozen waitresses and waiters – not a single one from the same country. Qatar has 2.5M inhabitants, and only 10% are actual Qataris. The rest are migrants from every conceivable country.

Even more skyline. An accident happened close to my hotel: a tree fell over. This may sound absurd, as Qatar is usually not associated with an abundance of trees. It did cause considerable ruckus: dozens of men surrounded the tree and gaped at it in shock and horror.

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