Traveling by train? It is crucial to stretch your muscles.

This is a simple exercise. Grip the bar with both hands. Lower your torso slightly, one foot in front of the other.

Keep this position for 2-3 minutes. Put your other foot in front, keep the position. Feel the strain? (Probably not; that can’t be helped). Repeat 5-6 times. Terminate this activity immediately should you start to feel dizzy.

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Our dog Buddy and his basketball #petstories #wonderdog

I can’t recall where he picked up this ball or who gave it to him – the first few years it was still full of air, but now it is actually easier to carry around.

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A short trip to Firenze/Florence in Italy

I spent two rather rainy days in Florence, it was surprisingly quiet.Below a few photos of the sites that I passed during this trip (I didn’t have any time for actual sightseeing).

View from my hotel room, the cathedral was just a few meters away.

Palazzo Vecchio

Beautiful graffiti #1

Graffiti #2

Apparently, if you touch the snout of this boar, luck will find you. That’s why it is so shiny. I can’t figure out how this could possibly work (the physical process between getting lucky and the fondling of the snout of this animal) so I didn’t bother and touched the tail instead..

Medici Palace

Reliquary – sufficient bones to keep a medium-sized dog busy for a week :-)

This gentleman founded the art society of Florence.

Cool bicycle girl. Most pictures were taken from taxis in transit. One taxi driver was driving 70 kmh through the city, his left wheels lifted off the street at one corner. I tried to tell him to slow down, but he didnt understand English :-(

The bell tower of the cathedral

Sunrise, on my way to work.

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Ouch! “Britain, get real: #Brexit means whatever the EU says it means

“That is no way to speak to your neighbours when they hold your economic future in their hands.”

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Sunday tourists (2016)


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New painting “Raven IV” – 2016

40 x 40 cm. Oil, acrylic, sand, pigments.

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The five stages of grief. FirstBank of England investigating dramatic overnight fall in pound

“To us, the foreign exchange market is exhibiting an uncanny resemblance to the five stages of grief. First, following the Brexit vote came the denial – theories circulated whether a second referendum would have to take place. Second was anger – claims the vote was unfair. Third was the bargaining – arguments maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, what if the UK followed the Norwegian or Switzerland model. Now, the fourth – a gloom is prevailing over the pound.”

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