A short visit to the land of the pharaohs

I stopped over in Egypt – two days packed with impressions. I have published a couple of articles in my blog http://www.clemenssuter.com

The sun sets early in Cairo, a vey special sight. The light is yellow and exotic (although I guess the air pollution from the massive amounts of cars certainly also plays a role). I was on business, so had basically no time for sightseeing. Most of these pictures were taken in transit from A to B.

Massive amounts of Egyptian citizens move to Cairo, and high rises are constructed (in many cases illegally and without utilities) to house these new city dwellers. Economically, Egypt is under a lot of strain, but the people that I met are very engaged and extremely friendly.

The river Nile, beautiful by night – and day. Many people about, as the best soccer team was in town. I was approached by a gentleman who escorted me to a perfume store; Cairo is always open for business ;-)

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Wouldn’t you like to see THIS on your way to work?

I managed to get a glance of these majestic man-made monuments as we drove out of one of the most densely populated capitals in the world.

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Boy (oil, sand on canvas, 50 x 40 cm)


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Oumph! Epic Veggie Eating – I had a chance to taste it with in Sweden

Good stuff – healthy and with a very low carbon footprint! Oumph. https://oumph.se/en/

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‘Merci!’: Montpellier, France sends misspelled football jerseys to Montpelier, Vermont

Mhmm, is it just me or could it actually be that Montpellier, Vermont is misspelled? Instead of wasting these beautiful t-shirts, could the city council of Montpelier, Vermond perhaps finally correct the city’s name? Where is this "Pelier mountain" anyway?

‘Merci!’: Montpellier, France sends misspelled football jerseys to Montpelier, Vermont

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Bird (oil, paper, sand on canvas, 120 x 100 cm)


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Pal the dog actor of the famous Lassie television series – live, love and death

"Pal (dog actor)" on @Wikipedia:

"By 1957, Pal was growing blind, deaf, and stiff, and rarely visited the Lassie set. The star of the show Jon Provost later recalled, "As young as I was, I recognized how much that dog meant to Rudd. Rudd loved that old dog as much as anyone could love an animal or person."

Pal died of natural causes in June 1958 at age 18 (about 85 in "dog years"); and for months Weatherwax slipped in and out of deep depression. Robert Weatherwax, Rudd’s son, later recalled, "It hit him very hard when Pal died. He buried him in a special place on the ranch and would often visit the grave. Dad would never again watch an MGM Lassie movie. He just couldn’t bear to see Pal. He didn’t want to have to be reminded of just how much he loved that dog."

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